Haible Living VCOs R*S Edition

Haible Living VCOs 2015

Bottom side (SMT parts are reflow soldered in):

Haible Living VCOs 2015

LVCOs Audio Samples

The R*S edition of the Living VCOs comprises a number of additions and modifications compared to the original Haible board:

  • TRIANGLE wave output for each VCO - thanks to Ray Wilson from Music From Outer Space.
  • SINE wave output for each VCO - thanks to synth legend Thomas Henry.
  • Amplifier section for each VCO.
  • SYNC IN for each VCO.
  • Support for THAT300 supermatched transistor arrays (top side) or BCM847DS matched transistors (bottom side) instead of LM3046.*
  • Haible VCA/Distortion/Overdrive module on the driver board.
  • Optional audio mixer on the driver board.
  • pcb size: 8" x 4.1"(!)

Due to the added features, part count and density are very high on this board - this is not a project suitable for beginners. Any information given here is preliminary and subject to change - please compare against Jürgen's original documentation and do not simply rely on the files here.


The pcb is available in different versions:

  • A. (Only) 23 bypass caps in SMT soldered in (bottom side)
  • B. 23 bypass caps + 6 BCM847DS matched transistors in SMT soldered in (bottom side)
  • C. 23 bypass caps (bottom side) + 3 THAT300 supermatched transistors (top side) in SMT soldered in

Make sure you check your version before you start building!
Do not install both BCM847DS and THAT300s!

Order Info / Disclaimer

Please not that this is a DIY project with a rather large and fairly dense board so previous soldering- and DIY-experience is recommended.

Living VCOs 2015 pcb

Price: € 40 (without BCM847DS but 23 SMT caps reflow soldered in - use this pcb for THAT300!) - IN STOCK -

Price: € 44 (including 6 BCM847DS matched transistors and 23 SMT bypass caps reflow soldered in) - IN STOCK -

Price: € 64 (including 3 THAT300 supermatched transistors and 23 SMT bypass caps reflow soldered in) - OUT OF STOCK -

Price: € 84 (including 3 MAT14 supermatched transistors and 23 SMT bypass caps reflow soldered in) - OUT OF STOCK -


Building info

- only for the Haible Living VCOs by R*S - (not for the original Haible board) -

Power connectors: Please pay attention to the orientation: +V is at the top, -V at the bottom / edge of the board. The board marking may be incorrect / misleading for euro power connectors. Make sure you (double) check before powering up the board!!

Tracking and Calibration: the LVCOs are designed to imitate vintage oscillators and tracking and calibration of the original version have been perceived as challenging by some people. Based on some tests in Spice and real life it appears that on the R*S version with BCM847s or THATs decent tracking - according to Spice over 8 octaves(!) - and easy 1V/Oct calibration can be easily obtained by (i) using an OPA2134 for IC1x (top left on each oscillator) - instead of the TL072 Jürgen specified - and (ii) avoiding the HF compensation completely - it seems rather detrimental to tracking, so try to turn the HF trimmer(s) all the way down or use a link between pin 1 and 2 (center).


NEW: Silkscreen with reference designators

NEW: Silkscreen with suggested values for +/-12V operation

UPDATED: Bill of materials (BOM) with suggestions for PWM and tracking / HF comp.

NEW: suggested Pulse-Width modifications (12V)

Silkscreen with (original) reference designators and +V / -V markings

Schematics of Addons/Mods

Jürgen's original Living VCOs page

Please inform me by email (or via the contact form) about any errors you find - Thanks!

All information provided is strictly for personal / educational use only.
Please do not distribute / mirror.

Haible Living VCOs for Euro 2015 Haible Living VCOs for Euro 2015

Living VCOs Eurorack Frontpanel +
Panel interface pcb addon

As an addition to the Living VCOs main pcb, a front panel + panel interface pcb is available for Eurorack. Please note that the Eurorack bundle is an addon that requires a (generic) Living VCOs main pcb by Random*Source (available above) - this will not fit an original Haible Living VCOs pcb!

New: V1.01 of the panel pcb allows to choose the direction of the LINEAR DETUNE knobs and to change the taper of the Portamento knob by adding a resistor.

Build documentation: Haible Living VCOs for Euro 2016

The Random*Source LVCOs Euro bundle contains:

  • Front panel in 2mm aluminum, screen printed, made in Germany, 42 hp
  • Panel pcb (8" x 4.1", made in EU, ROHS/lead free, gold finish (ENIG)
  • Living VCOs main pcb is not included!


Price: € 84 - BACK IN STOCK! -

Haible Living VCOs for Euro 2015
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