Modular goes 4x4

We love the look and feel of a Serge Modular Music System and came up with the idea of making it more flexible and easier to get into. So we came up with the idea of "4x4" - splitting up a full 4U panel into 4 smaller modules, each containing 4 classic columns.

Four of these modules add up to 16" usable space (just like a normal Serge panel) and fill up one 17" (rack width).

Random*Source 4x4

Why 4x4?

We seek to make things easier, so we developed a beautiful enclosure for 4 or 6 of these modules, so that no drilling is required.

Random*Source Boat for Serge Modular

We also develop component pcbs so that the need to wire any module is almost eliminated.

Random*Source Serge Wave Multipliers + Resonant EQ Module
Random*Source component pcbs
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